Welcome to our Virtual Public Consultation Service

As the world has been engulfed by the Covid 19 Pandemic, we have been working with our Studio team have developed ‘virtual’ solutions that we can provide to our clients, to enable all of our our ‘Real’ worlds to keep revolving.

Try them out yourself:

The Village Hall

The Village Hall is an example of a typical small to medium sized Virtual Public Consultation.
This is our test bed and demonstrates some of the possibilities that are available.
The package can be fully tailored to your needs.

CLICK HERE TO VISIT (opens in new window)

The Gallery

This example is set within a gallery space suitable for medium to large Public Consultations.
The space, content and branding can be fully adjusted to suite your project and corporate identity.

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This is a demonstration site that showcase our ongoing Webinar series.
The style of presentations lends itself to a large range of scenarios, where an enhanced visitor experience encourages greater users participation.
As with the other presentations, the virtual spaces and content can be changed to work with your deliverable.

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Virtual Site Visits

Even with lock-down restrictions being lifted, we are still encourage to keep travel and contact to a minimum.
With this in mind we are able to create a Virtual Site Visit, using the latest 360 video and stills cameras, plus drones if required, we are able to bring the site to you.

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Here is a list of some of the features available.
If you have a feature requirement that is not listed here please get in touch, as our Studio team are practiced at creating solutions to match your needs.

  • Fully navigable 3D space gives a greater sense or realism
  • Layout, Style & Branding can be changed to meet your requirements
  • Document Download
  • Feedback & Contact Forms
  • Live Chat & Live Event Facilities (if required)
  • Offline Version Available
  • FULLY HOSTED – For you to link to, or embed into your own website
  • Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) Options Available
  • We are able to produce all graphic content if not available


These demo presentations have been constructed using graphics and content created
by WYG for recent projects that were both traditionally presented and as virtual consultations.
The demonstration sites show how those projects may have been presented if created for the current climate,

and they also illustrate all of the advanced (optional) features.
All logos etc are the property of the brand/organisation owner, and no endorsement

is implied of the service within which they are displayed.